Belmont, North Carolina is a beautiful city known for its old-fashioned downtown area and southern charm. The city makes for a wonderful day trip with your family and an even better, community-based living environment for its homeowners. Belmont was established in 1895 and primarily served as a textile industry. Over the years as the city grew and developed, the mills that once served as textile purposes can still be viewed as they serve as a reminder of earlier roots. Their population is approximately 10,076 as of 2010 and although it is a smaller city, Belmont encompasses larger city amenities for its residents.

Belmont, North Carolina is often remembered by its historic downtown. It has been included on the National Register of Historic Places since 1996, making it a popular place to visit. Stowe Park is also featured downtown and is a favorite for families and dog owners. Belmont also offers a variety of shops and restaurants such as The Mast General Store, Happy Dog Cafe, and Nellie’s Southern Kitchen. Downtown festivals are another event that brings the community of Belmont together with live music and fun events. There is no better place to live or visit than the peaceful, beautiful and intriguing city of Belmont, North Carolina.