Lifetime Warranty

Are you in need of moisture or mold work but can’t find anyone to guarantee their work? Looking for a warranty but just can’t find a company that offers one? We’ve got you! AVS is an authorized dealer of the Enviroguard Continuous Protection Warranty.

The Enviroguard Continuous Protection Warranty is an annually renewable and transferrable damage repair warranty that is insurance-backed by an A+ top-rated environmental underwriter. It carries a $100,000 damage repair limit, which includes all demolition, remediation, restoration, and build-back cost, should the property develop visible mold formation on the permanent surfaces of the property.

How is such a strong warranty possible? Every year, your Enviroguard Certified Inspector conducts a 175 point inspection from the outside to the inside of your property. They take into consideration everything from landscape grade, gutters, and downspouts, to the condensing pipes and ductwork, to the way moisture releases from the ground, and thermal bridging in the attic affects structural moisture content. If conducive conditions exist, we’ll walk you through exactly how they can be corrected. If they don’t exist, you’ll move straight into the warranty. It’s that easy.