Mold Remediation in Lake Norman, North Carolina

Many homes in Lake Norman have the same problems as others throughout North Carolina and the South. The humidity in these areas brings about quite a bit of mold in people’s homes. Mold tends to grow in damp dark places, and if not taken care of quickly begins to spread. One of the most common places that mold is found is in the crawl space. This brings about the need for mold remediation in Lake Norman and the surrounding areas.

Mold may start out in small, and not very noticeable amounts, however, will grow at a very alarming rate. Due to the fact that people do not check their crawl spaces very extensively, it allows for a lot of molds to grow without any sort of interference from outside sources. Here at Advanced Vent Solutions we are mold experts and know where to find any mold that may be escaping your view. Our professional mold removal and mold remediation in Lake Norman is the best in the surrounding area!

Mold can cause many effects on one’s home and their health. If not taken care of, mold can cause some pretty serious structural damage to your home or business. At Advanced Vent Solutions, we do more than just mold remediation, and we can help you prevent future mold from damaging your home or business. You can remove as much mold as you want, but if you do not take care of the moisture problem you might have, that mold just keeps coming back. We offer many services that target mold and can help not only remove the mold, but keep it from coming back.

Mold on a crawl space panel in need of mold remediationCrawl space panel surrounded by insulation in need of mold remediation

Mold’s Effects on Health – The need for mold removal

Mold isn’t only dangerous to a home, it’s dangerous to your health. There are many different types of mold and mildew out there. Some will merely cause your allergies to flare up, while others can cause respiratory issues and hives. Some can even be deadly. It is important to have mold checked out by a professional so that it can be identified and taken care of properly. Listed below, are some adverse effects mold has on our health;

  • Difficulty breathing (wheezing, asthma attack, etc.)
  • Eye irritation (burning, watery, redness)
  • Nose or throat irritation (Sneezing, bloody noses, etc.)
  • Skin rashes or hives
  • Headaches, memory loss, mood changes
Symptoms may become more severe the longer one exposes themselves to any type of mold. The most important type to avoid is black mold as it is the most dangerous. Fortunately, our team of experts knows how to locate, identify, and take care of all your mold issues.

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