“An affordable, one time fee for a peace of mind, for life. No monthly or annual fees, no contracts, no restrictions!”

Are you a homeowner who has had a contractor perform thousands of dollars of work in your crawl space, only to leave and not continue to monitor the conditions down there? Or do you not like going down into your crawl space to crawl around and inspect it with all those pest, rodents, and slithery friends?

We Have Your Solution! AVS offers a 24/7 WIFI monitoring system that pairs to an app on your smartphone. This app allows you to monitor the humidity, temperature, dew point, and any standing water that could occur, ultimately saving you from expensive repairs and ensuring adequate indoor air quality. This simple monitoring system would catch these issues when they happen, not months or even years down the road, saving you from the headache and expensive repairs.

  • Detect Leaks
  • Detect high humidity and dew point
  • Detect when your pipes are in jeopardy of freezing
  • Detect standing water
  • Detect if your dehumidifier quits working
  • And more, all from the convenience of your smartphone!